Monday, January 11, 2016

101 in 1001

Recently, I was inspired by Kate's post ( A Sprinkle of Kate ), 101 things to accomplish in 1001 days. I think it's such a clever way to set goals with a realistic time frame to accomplish them.

I am so prone to procrastination, it's unreal. It takes me nearly two weeks to complete housework because I keep putting it off due to finding more "important" or interesting things to do.  I am always so full of excuses as to why I can't or won't do things. Mister Right experiences it on a fairly regular basis when he tries to get me to go to the gym, saying that I have nothing to lose and it's good because it lowers stress and anxiety.

I am always making excuses or finding reasons against things that I don't wanna do, to be honest, my reasons are slightly terrible.

Now is just as good as any time to stop making excuses and get my butt into gear.

Start Date: January 10th, 2016

End Date: September 27th, 2018

1. Visit Australia again (2017, fingers crossed) 
2. Keep up with my professional development (ie. attend work shops, online modules.)
3. Make my classroom more interesting for the babies I work with
4. Simply put, photograph more
5. Read all of Mister's favourite books
6. Post at least twice in a 7 day period on a regular basis
7. Treat myself to a massage
8. Visit somewhere new
9. Cook healthy meals at least 4 times a week
10. Camp at Algonquin Park
11. Catch up with old friends
12. Visit British Columbia
13. Take yoga classes for a summer
14. Put away at least 5 dollars at the end of every week
15. Exercise twice a week for 2 months
16. Clean my apartment every Saturday or Sunday
17. Go two months without shopping
18. Get my fourth tattoo
19. See my sister once a month
20. Turn my phone off for 12 hours one day a week
21. See a show at the Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Ontario
22. Try more recipes from my Pinterest pages
23. Write down something positive every day
24. Go hiking
25. Colour in my meditation book
26. Learn meditation techniques
27. Spend more time visiting with relatives
28. Volunteer somewhere
 29. Buy a fish
30. Establish a daily routine
31. Do the dishes within a few hours instead of waiting a few days
32. Use a planner
33. Perfect a family recipe
34. Go meat-free for a month
35. Read every night for at least a half hour for 3 months
36. Make a trip to the Donkey Sanctuary
37. Create a regular skin care regime
38. De-clutter every six months
39. Go to a drive in
40. Eat somewhere fancy
41. Learn a type of dance
42. Watch only 2 hours of Tv at least five  days a week
43. Make a few new friends
44. Let Mister train me, and be consistent (I have avoided free personal training far too long)
45. Eat more greens
46. Keep consistent with my blog
47. Spend a day at the beach
48. Go on a weekend long trip 
49. See Niagara Falls
50. Photograph the country side for a day
51. Rockclimb
52. Attend a baseball game
53. Go strawberry picking
54. Say something I love about myself each day for a week
55. Buy fruit and vegetables from the farmer's market during the summer
56.  Spend 5 minutes stretching in the morning and 5 minutes stretching before I go to bed for a month
57. Go to a Disney on ice show
58. Watch all the classic Disney movies 
59. Develop storage solutions for small spaces (ie. my apartment)
60. Go make-up free for a month
61. Run another colour run
62. Make Mister one homemade meal a month
63. Watch a hockey game with Mister
64. Reach 100 followers
65. Collect more antique/retro decor
66. Eat at 5 restaurants I have never eaten at before
67. Clean out my car
68. Organize all my insurance documents, pay stubs etc.
69. Get another dresser
70. Replace my old bed frame
71. Learn ASL (American Sign Language)
72.  Borrow 20 books from the library
73. Transfer all my photos to my external hard drive
74. Pay off student loans
75. Take a local river cruise
76. Visit New York
77. Get a manicure
78. Stay at a hotel for a night
79. Get a boudoir photo done
80. Do a home tour on my blog
81. Comment on more blogger posts
82. Invest in a new camera lens
83. Take Mister to Melt Down (my favourite sandwich place)
84. Feed animals at a petting zoo
85. Go on a horse drawn carriage ride
86. Keep my apartment clean for a week
87. Go to some sort of expo
88. See a psychic
89. Go to an art gallery
90. See a fashion show
91. Moisturize for 2 weeks straight
92. Visit a vineyard
93. Go ziplining
94. Go to a comedy night/show
95. Go on a double date
96. Go on a brewery tour
97. Lay and look at the stars
98. Write 100 blog posts
99. Try to get one of my children's stories published
100. Guest post on another blog
101.  Follow through with all the above goals. 

I am actually excited about this and can't wait to accomplish so many goals. Let me know your 101 in 1001. I'm curious.

Until next time,
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  1. Love love LOVE this and I'm so excited you decided to make your own list! It's such a fun way to get things done! Can't wait to read some posts about the things you've accomplished!

    Xoxo, Kate //

  2. Great idea! I should start listing(and fulfilling) mine too!


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